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Street Reads 2015


 Are you visiting Brisbane, or looking for a new way to explore your town?

Download the Story City App for free from the Android App Store or Apple App Store below and be the hero of a Street Reads adventure today!

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Why be a tourist when you can be a secret agent?

Or run through the streets of a new city to escape a zombie apocalypse?

Have you ever read a story and wish you could be in it? Calling the shots, helping the good guys (or bad), choosing your adventure.

Street Reads makes you the hero of your own story, giving you the chance to take part in your own adventure in locations across Brisbane.


Brisbane City Council hosts these real-life choose-your-own-adventure style stories around the Brisbane CBD and suburbs using the Story City App.

Use the app to take part in an adventure and get your one of a kind city tour for free!


Rather than reading these adventures in the old-school ‘book’ format, you’ll be able to take part in the adventure via the Story City app on your smart phone or tablet. Once you read or listened to the next part of the adventure you can choose from several options to continue your story. Then you choose how you’re going to explore your city! Will you explore Brisbane while running from a zombie apocalypse? Or will you be pillaging the city looking for pirate supplies? It’s your adventure, so it’s up to you!

Each new part of the story takes place in a different location, showcasing Brisbane sights in a whole new way!

You can start 6 of our adventures in Reddacliff Place in the city or do one of our Brisbane suburb adventures in Woolloongabba, Dutton Park and Sandgate. Will you choose to be a pirate captain, solve a mystery or save Sandgate from a cursed ghost ship?

Your adventure can be enjoyed one of two ways: You can listen to the story as it is narrated to you via audio; or you can read the story yourself on your smart phone.


When does it start?

All Street Reads adventures are available NOW on the Story City App. You can find out more about the app and download it here.


You can do the adventures any time you want. Hey, it’s your adventure.

If you complete one of these adventures before the 30th of Nov 2015 you can go in the draw to win the grand prize for this years Street Reads launch!


Age group

10+  Basically, anyone who has access to a smart phone!

Suitable for younger families with parental supervision. Please find specific rating for each story about more about the stories themselves here!


What do I need?

  • A smart phone with data allowances or internet enabled tablet. (Or, you can pre-download your adventure on Wi-Fi before you leave!)
  • The Story City App which you can download from the Apple App or Android App stores.
  • If you have a portable charge block for your device we recommend you bring it along. Playing audio can wear down your phone’s battery faster than normal!
  • Your walking shoes (and perhaps some sunscreen and a hat).
  • As many people as you can bring along!


How does it work?

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Using your smart phone or tablet go to your preferred app store (Android App Store or Apple App Store) and download the free Story City App.
  2. Using the list or map section browse through the stories until you find the one you’re most excited about! In the list tab you can sort stories by genre, location, author or A-Z. If you have your device’s GPS location turned on the list will tell you exactly how far away you are from the start point of each story.
  3. Select the story you wish to do.
  4. If you don’t want to use your mobile internet data you can pre-download the story via Wi-Fi before you head out. To enable this option go to the ‘Config’ tab and turn on the red box next to the ‘Download Media on Start Adventure’. Then when you go into the adventure trigger the download by pressing “Start” on the information page for that story.
  5. Go to the start location and start reading/listening! At the end of the section you’ll be given options of where you can go next.
  6. Choose which way you want to go and follow the map in the app! The options to the next part of the story will only show on the map if you are in the right location.
  7. Keep going until you reach The End! Remember, the next section of the story will only show up if you are in the right location.


Map page 3 Story list page 1 Story page 2 Story Page Intro


To get a feel for what you can expect check out the below segment about Street Reads aired on Channel 7’s The Great South East program back in 2014, when we were still using QR codes to run the adventures. Every thing is much simpler now with the Story City app!




Complete one of these adventures by the 30th of Nov 2015 to be eligible for the prize draw. You could win:

  • A high-tea for 2 at the Shingle Inn (Grand Prize),
  • Wheel of Brisbane double passes (2 to be won),
  • Movie double passes & $50 Amazon, iTunes or Kobo vouchers (2 to be won)
  • 4 ‘Choose Your Own Death’ novels by Marianna Shek.

Just fill out the entry form at the bottom of the screen at the end of your adventure.

Get extra chances to win by posting a photo of yourself acting out the end of your adventure and tag your photos with the hashtag #StreetReads2015. You get 2 extra entries per photo posted.


Terms & conditions of the prize:

  • The prizes will be drawn randomly in the first week of December 2015.
  • We will contact you via the email you provide us with or the social media account you tag your posts from. Please check your inboxes/message by the 6th of December! In the past winners have missed out because they did not respond to our notification within 5 days and we re-drew the prize.
  • Prizes will be re-drawn if you do not respond to our winners notification within 5 days.


Play Safe

For the smoothest experience you will need a smart phone or tablet with GPS and Internet access. However, if your here from overseas, or your tablet doesn’t have internet, you can pre-download your over Wi-Fi before you begin. Every attempt has been made to ensure download size is minimal.

Allow approximately 30-45 minutes to complete one Street Reads story. Allow enough time to play more than one! Be aware of your surroundings and ensure you follow road rules and be safe while you participate in Street Reads.



What Are The Adventures?

Find out about the adventures here!


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