About Street Reads 2014

Brisbane City Council is hosting a physical choose your own adventure story around the Brisbane CBD and Cultural Precinct using QR codes. It’s free and you can win prizes!


This is the second year Street Reads has run.

If you can’t wait until September for this year’s event, click here to do last year’s stories!


Rather than reading the Choose Your Own Adventure in printed book form, our project will be placing QR codes on Council bins and pavement posters around Brisbane city and the Cultural Precinct that you can scan with your smart phone. Once you read or listened to the next part of the adventure you can choose from several options to continue your story.

Each new part of the story takes place in the location of the QR code, showcasing Brisbane landmarks in a whole new way!

You can start the adventure from one of two locations: The main start code in Reddacliff Place, on the pathway between the yellow and orange library cubes; or at the second start code in the State Library forecourt between the library cafe and the steps to The Edge; and then branch off into one of three separate stories. Will you choose to be a pirate captain, survive the invasion of mutant insects or remake Brisbane in a pixellated virtual reality?

This year each story can be enjoyed one of two ways: You can listen to the story as it is narrated to you via audio; or you can read the story yourself on your smart phone.

To help you make it to the end, we will be providing discounts to local stores for each person who finishes a branch as well as the chance to win the grand prizes!


When does it start?

On the first day of the Brisbane Writer’s Festival, the 3rd September – 14th of September 2014

You can start the adventure from one of two locations: The main start code in Reddacliff Place, on the pathway between the yellow and orange library cubes; or at the second start code in the State Library forecourt between the library cafe and the steps to The Edge.

You can do the adventure any time you want during the event.

Hey, it’s your adventure.

While you can only do Street Reads 2014 in September, you CAN do the stories from Street Reads 2013 right now! Click here to download your map! Get a feel for the experience that awaits you in September.


Don’t have a smart phone? Take a tour!

For those who don’t have a smart phone or want to do the story with a fellow adventurer, why not take one of our tours?

Brisbane Writers’ Festival volunteers will be conducting ‘tours’ of the adventures during the weekend of the writers’ festival, on the 6th and 7th of September 2014. There will be three tours a day running, alternating between the start locations at Redacliff Place and the State Library. See below for the schedule:

  • Sat 6th Sept: 11am at State Library of Queensland Start Location
  • Sat 6th Sept: 1pm at Redacliff Place Start Location
  • Sat 6th Sept: 3pm at State Library of Queensland Start Location
  • Sun 7th Sept: 11am at Redacliff Place Start Location
  • Sun 7th Sept: 1pm at State Library of Queensland Start Location
  • Sun 7th Sept: 3pm at Redacliff Place Start Location

Refer to the map on this page for the start locations and just look out for the volunteers in the BWF t-shirts!


Age group

10+  Basically, anyone who has access to a smart phone!

Suitable for younger families with parental supervision. Please find specific rating for each story below:

Guardian Of The Nexus: G rating

A Pirate Captain: PG rating

Rise of the Roaches: M 15+ rating


What do I need?

  • A smart phone with data allowances or internet enabled tablet.
  • A QR code reader application. Download your free QR code App from the iTunes or Android App stores.
  • If you have a portable charge block for your phone we recommend you bring it along. Playing audio can wear down your phone’s battery faster than normal!
  • Your walking shoes (and perhaps some sunscreen and a hat).
  • As many people as you can bring along!


How does it work?

  1. Use the QR code App on your smart phone or tablet to scan the code on the sticker in Reddacliff Place or the State Library.
  2. Load the webpage and ‘read’ the story, ‘hear’ the music and narration, and ‘see’ the art merge fiction and reality.
  3. Choose which adventure you want to follow, look for the next sticker and scan again. (All posters will be on the side of pavement stickers). The Pirate, mutant roach and virtual game stories have different icon’s on their posters so you know you’re following the right story.
    • If you are afraid of getting lost, download the Map from the Maps tab and print it out.
    • If you want to listen to the music/narration but don’t want to use up too much of your mobile data to listen to it, then download the music at home from the music tab above before starting your adventure.
  4. When you reach the end of your adventure, upload your adventure photos to your social media of choice (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) with the appropriate hashtags (#streetreads) to be in the draw to win some awesome prizes.
  5. Go back and try it again!


What is a QR Code?

A Quick Response Code, commonly known as a QR code, is a barcode made of small black squares and rectangles arranged in a square pattern, QR codes can be read by QR readers or scanners that uses the camera on a smart phone or device. QR codes direct users to text, web content or other information. In Street Reads, QR codes link to online information including maps, text, webpages, images or audio files.



As part of the adventures we’ll be asking you to do ‘activities’ and get photographic evidence.

To be eligible for the grand prizes you have to upload your photos to your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account with two hashtags: #streetreads, and the hashtag for the adventure you took part in. The more photos you upload, the more entries you get into the grand prize draw! The top five entries will be picked by producer Emily Craven and Brisbane City Council co-ordinator David Gerrand.

Also, each participant that finishes an adventure will get a two for one drink voucher from the Shingle Inn.

The Grand Prize currently includes:

  • A private gondola ride for up to 6 people (valued at $95) on the Wheel of Brisbane,
  • A High Tea for two from the Shingle Inn and,
  • A $100 book and T-shirt pack from the Brisbane Writers Festival.

There will also be four runner-up prizes, each with a double pass to the Wheel of Brisbane (value at $35), a Time Keeper Music cd and a $50 voucher (of your choice from either iTunes, Amazon or Kobo).

Wheel of Brisbane Logo   Shingle Inn Logo    Brisbane Writers Festival Logo



  1. There is one grand prize pack and four runner-up prizes to be won.
  2. Entry to win prizes must be completed by posting your adventure photos to social media and hashtagging them before midnight AEST on the final day of the Street Reads event (16th of September 2014).
  3. Entrants need their parent/guardian’s permission to enter if they are under 18.
  4. Entries will be judged and prizes allocated on the 22th September. Entries are judged by Emily Craven and David Gerrand. All decisions are final and no feedback will be given.
  5. Winners will be contacted via their social media account by Tuesday 23rd September to arrange delivery of the prize.
  6. Entrants who do not win a prize will not be contacted.
  7. In the event that a prize winner does not response to the notification email within three business days, they forfeit the prize and it will be reallocated to another entrant.
  8. Each winner will be asked to provide an email and/or postal address for the delivery of the prizes.
  9. Entrant details will not be kept or used for any other purpose after the prize draw.


Play Safe

You will need a smart phone or tablet with Internet access and a QR reader to participate in Street Reads. Every attempt has been made to ensure download size is minimal.

Allow approximately 30 minutes to complete one story of Street Reads. Allow enough time to play all three! Be aware of your surroundings and ensure you follow road rules and be safe while you participate in Street Reads. If one of the stickers is missing or damaged, please contact council on (07) 3403 8888 or email creative (dot) communities (at) brisbane (dot) qld (dot) gov (dot) au with a photo of the location.


What Are The Adventures 2014?

Guardian of the Nexus

You are uploading your avatar into the Nexus Brisbane Virtual City Simulator, just another traveller checking out cyberspace. But something is seriously wrong. You’ll be racing against time to work with or against two escaped A.I.s  while the very buildings of Brisbane are transformed around you. Will you choose the path of chaos or order?

A Pirate Captain

YOU are a notorious buccaneer whose ship is docked in Brisbane while you prepare to outfit her for your next voyage. Pirates face danger on land as well as at sea, and in gathering skilled crewmates and vital equipment you’ll need to race against enemies including your rival, the dastardly Captain Neckbeard. Grab your pirate patch and start an adventure. Yo-ho!

Dressing up in costume for this adventure is highly recommended!

Rise of the Roaches 

Brisbane is about to be over-run with mutant brain-eating cockroaches, and you’re at Ground Zero. Can you rally the defence of the city? Can you derail the nefarious plans of the shadowy consortium behind the invasion? First you need to survive. Strap yourself in for an adventure that crosses Matthew Reilly with Mutant cockroaches!


What Are The Adventures I Can Play Any Time?

Street Reads 2013 poster - Death Story Street Reads 2013 poster - Hero Story Street Reads 2013 poster - Zombie Story

Death Works: Training Day

It’s your first day on the job with Death. You’ll learn that it’s not just about sending souls to the afterlife. Find out more here!

Strange Daze: A Zombie Apocalypse

You’re a student and out to learn about Brisbane’s art. But instead of a pleasant stroll, you find yourself running from the living dead and instead of learning about art, you’re learning how to survive. Fast. Find out more here!

The (Hero’s) Apprentice

You’ve been literally plucked from the crowd and chosen to be the reigning Hero’s new Apprentice, but are you heroic enough to take on the challenge? Find out more here!

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